Before we ever sold 1 bottle, thousands of bottles were sent to our troops in support of our family serving in the armed forces.

Purple Force started as an impromptu idea, a wealth of diverse experience, and most importantly, the motivation to support our veterans for their sacrifice. Purple Force recognized the high standards set by the joint forces of military medicine.  We then spent countless hours researching product formulations and designing bottles, labels, websites, and marketing. As a veteran owned business, we initially designed products to meet the unique procurement demands of government entities. However, we quickly realized that the general public would be eager to acquire our high-quality products, as well.  This led us to consider a broader consumer audience and ensure the widest distribution channels. Purple Force is now proudly offering production, sales, and distribution of exceptional health and wellness products made in the USA.

Purple Force’s MilCare Health and Wellness line deliver unique and quality Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and Moisturizing lotion that exceeds the exacting standards of an American service member.

As a division of 3PH, LLC, Purple Force will embrace the core values commonly found in American service members as we become the premier supplier of healthcare products to government and civilian consumers alike.

At Purple Force, we are committed to military veterans through hiring and providing small business mentorship. We are also soundly dedicated to expanding our contributions to veterans and veteran organization as our company grows.

We thank you for your support.